How To Make A Backlit Keyboard

December 10th, 2012 by admin software

In this episode, we will be making a backlit keyboard using a usb-enabled keyboard and some el-wire. New Channel: New Tumblr Account: USB El Wire: USB Keyboard with USB Ports:
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25 Responses to “How To Make A Backlit Keyboard”

  1. Comment by Billy Garrett

    Hey, do you have any videos on making this mod for a laptop? I have a toshiba sattelit and want to do this. How much will it cost for materials? Where can I get them from? Thank you

  2. Comment by xllgiancarlollx

    Idk man, it seems like a lot of work …

  3. Comment by Nikko Smith

    doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of a backlit keyboard? :l

  4. Comment by maccollectorZ

    I agree with that. 

  5. Comment by Najeeb Puthiyallam

    Ohcomon on i suggest buy a Table lamp :)

  6. Comment by doh323


  7. Comment by GRI3S


  8. Comment by xigasadude

    Finally a simple solution :) cheers man!

  9. Comment by Mizie Wakaka

    noob xD

  10. Comment by lostprophetslaw

    laptop tutorial pls

  11. Comment by Sven gunnarberg

    lol u noob bro?

  12. Comment by Sanzy6

    ….or learn typing :) 

  13. Comment by nba1341

    bad ass

  14. Comment by xXWhatzUpH8erzXx

    xD That made me laugh

  15. Comment by ThePedrolic


  16. Comment by buddyroach

    what would be cooler would be to precisely cut out the letters on each of the keys then fill it in with some clear silicone or acrylic or something so they glow. this only works for usb keyboards right? i only have the p2p myself.

  17. Comment by GhiIIieSniper

    Easy, get a small drill and drill out the letters.

  18. Comment by ZombieAnusPounder


  19. Comment by IcarusDude2572

    whoa, usin’ big words are we… “me-mo-rized…..

  20. Comment by taylorgirl8o8

    How long does the El wire have to be?

  21. Comment by Golden Eagles

    Good tips like it :)

  22. Comment by Sirlw

    I like this vid

  23. Comment by turbotonic27

    thats the best man on the internet! respeect

  24. Comment by mitchell coenradi

    you are boring

  25. Comment by RedstoneZombie

    0:33 shit I cant do it!

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