Personal Project – Slick oil cooled PC Computer Showcase Linus Tech Tips

December 25th, 2012 by admin software

It can not be my personal project, but it is a personal project. This thing is badass, and it is also the origin of the nickname Slick. Slick … As the oil slick … Road Rash …
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25 Responses to “Personal Project – Slick oil cooled PC Computer Showcase Linus Tech Tips”

  1. Comment by BIastified

    Cardboard fish? ._.

  2. Comment by Viet Lee

    I don’t know WHY you would want fish in your mineral oil PC, since recently scientists discovered fish actually has the ability to POOP.

  3. Comment by Tac0PieGod

    Fish in a PC would be crazy.

  4. Comment by e4300

    At what point would a PC benefit from being soaked in mineral oil?

  5. Comment by TelfArts


  6. Comment by LoadOfJak

    HAHA! Nice!

  7. Comment by cyleleghorn246

    In the video they talked about where he mounted the power supply (at the bottom, under the oil) and how he routed cooling to it and stripped the case/fan off the power supply. The only parts he doesn’t have under the oil are the HDD, and the disc drive.

  8. Comment by soori45


  9. Comment by Samuel Feguer

    We need to push this video to a million views to get slick’s pc on the wall.

  10. Comment by Gaerteuth

    Everything is submerged in the oil, except for a select few parts- perhaps the power supply- that are sealed off.

  11. Comment by avidgamer2011

    so, are the parts submerged in oil? I’m not familer with oil cooling.

  12. Comment by zSharpEyez

    oh yeah? my gtx 460 is waaay better >:]

  13. Comment by post4lunch

    and electric shocks

  14. Comment by scrowetom

    Then die, in the CPU fan.

  15. Comment by aznindaghetto

    If you wanted too you could place the fish tank that contains the computer inside of a larger fish tank and place fish in the second fish tank.

  16. Comment by hunterrocks24

    and get chopped up by the fans

  17. Comment by Kratzy98

    It’s shit.

  18. Comment by XxRankupgamersxX

    Fish are conductive anyway :D They would uhm… get fried if they touched the wrong lead on the MOBO

  19. Comment by FlyingFlapjakFTW


  20. Comment by SocialAZN

    I don’t want fish to shit on my build…

  21. Comment by JasonMediaCenter

    the fan would kill it !

  22. Comment by pat ham

    is my pc good intel core i7 3770k 3.50ghz palit gtx 680 2gb 16gn ram 2tb hard drive windows 7 64 bit os

  23. Comment by K1arke

    But will it blend?

  24. Comment by K1arke

    I’m going to build… A QUAD SANDWICH FULL BURGER PC WITH LETTUCE DRIVES! Cooled with the sweet voice of Celine Dion.

  25. Comment by rjc34

    Most people put older stuff in an oil cooled rig because they don’t want to take any risks with new, expensive stuff.

    Also, that’s a quad core CPU!

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