iPod’s Dirty Secret

January 5th, 2013 by admin software

See more videos like this, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com And follow us at twitter.com in 2003 apple computers did not replace the battery in their iPods. this movie is about the NEISTAT BROTHERS experience with that policy. apple has since changed thier policy www.neistatbrothers.com www.ipodsdirtysecret.com
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25 Responses to “iPod’s Dirty Secret”

  1. Comment by Luka A

    LoL! dirty secret and DIRTY NAILS !

  2. Comment by zackboomer

    before it was made actually

  3. Comment by Lanjablogg

    why doesnt this video have moore views..

  4. Comment by lukman mustafa

    i knew about this from book of dan ariliey. i think u guys have done a great job taking revenge. it’s all ablout the message.

  5. Comment by whiskaleafa

    welp… seeing as in the description they are talking about 2003.. and now its almost 2013, that is how his point is relevant

  6. Comment by lalaitscherryxo

    Thank this video then.

  7. Comment by doublea422

    how would that matter if he’s had his ipod for 5+ years.

  8. Comment by Bob Tonner

    mine is 6 years!!
    still working (fingers crossed)
    300€ worth first ipod video 80GB

  9. Comment by Ricky Montero

    I’m from Peru, in spanish we call them “Helados”….. U almost got me!

  10. Comment by Tomasz Górka

    you say you’ve never bought any “Items” with an “i” on the front? What about “Ice cream” ?

  11. Comment by Chuck Norris

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  12. Comment by f0rms

    I remember watching this video about 8 years ago, I was in uni at the time & now that I think about it, it was a contributing factor in me getting into stencil art. Over the next few years I became a prolific Melbourne stencil artist featured in exhibitions, documentaries, books, radio.. (you’ll find next to no evidence of this in my YouTube videos), one street piece of mine even appeared in a book credited to banksy. I’m no longer producing art like that, but I’d like to say – thank you.

  13. Comment by RdGreenMusik

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  14. Comment by drasco61084

    They do that on purpose so it’s difficult to take apart and maybe make you break the product in the process of opening it up. They have clips that can be clipped when the casing is closed but that are broken when you open it, parts are also glued together. This is done on cheaper items people throw away when they don’t work anymore because they are too cheap to pay someone to fix, but if you know how to fix it yourself you have to be very careful or just have a working item with broken casing..

  15. Comment by drasco61084

    Can’t you still connect the iPod to the computer to retrieve the songs? I don’t think the battery should have anything to do with it being able to turn on when plugged into USB power.

  16. Comment by Gamer1987x

    GG filming yourself doing illegal acts

  17. Comment by MrSyndicateWannabe

    at 17 months im going to sell my ipod :P

  18. Comment by aheartlesshand

    Mine died in the same time frame as well. I actually paid to have it fixed as it had a ton of songs I’d collected that weren’t on my computer, and they couldn’t fix it. :( Byebye songs!

  19. Comment by Jesse Alvarado

    N.W.A. !!!!!

  20. Comment by madfilmsproduction

    They fixed the problem after this video was made.

  21. Comment by allamericanarmygirls

    I have had my ipod for 2 years and it works fine just buy a charger my god

  22. Comment by iPixelGuns

    Yeah. I did.
    And they fixed it.

  23. Comment by funnybuoy13

    Well, clearly Apple don’t make “high quality products”. Did you even watch the video???

  24. Comment by dieselducy

    capitalism at its finest.

  25. Comment by iPixelGuns

    Gas is up to 4 Dollars/Gallon.
    If you can’t afford Apple Products, don’t complain about it. Apple makes high quality products for people who can afford it. People are just jealous that they didn’t use their imagination and innovate, and instead chose to lie on the couch and eat barbecue chips.

    And I’m not talking about the video. YOU, sir, did a good job.

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