Our place for a couple of days..

January 13th, 2013 by admin software

Check out these internet service images:

Our place for a couple of days..

Image by sassy40′s is back sort of..
Hello Gang!! I apologize if all of the sudden I was Awol for a few days. Qwest was supposed to cut off our telephone and internet services on the 31st of this month, instead they misunderstood and cut it off Friday the 24th. The movers already took all our belongings today, ready for shipping to the Philippines where we will spend our retirement years..and we are out of the house,.. so for the meantime we are at this inn inside McChord AFB using their free internet connection. So please forgive me y’all if I won’t be able to visit all your streams, I just don’t have much time to spend on flickr right now..and probably won’t be online for quite a while after November 6th.. You all take care everyone!! And God Bless!! I will miss you all!!!

Internet Via Bluetooth

Image by craig1black
With the phone near the door we were able to use bluetooth for internet service on the laptop.

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