Dell XPS 15z Notebook Review

January 27th, 2013 by admin software – There’s just no question the XPS 15z is a beautiful laptop. Yes, it looks a bit like the MacBook Pro, but is it really a bad thing? Dell will continue to be the model of its own, and the keyboard / trackpad experience is currently the best. 1080p display is just beautiful to look at, and the weight / thickness here just to be seen and felt in person to be believed. It looks absolutely fantastic and the build quality is exceptional.
Video Rating: 4/5

When the laptop is overheating, it may be closed without notice, causing lost data, but it can also cause the processor to memory pop go out. Enter a laptop battery at room temperature using free cooling unit attached to the bottom of the computer information certified computer technician in this free video on a laptop. Expert: Jonathan Ayres Bio: Jonathan Ayres has more than 25 years of computer industry experience of all types of computers and operating systems. Filmmaker: Todd Green
Video Rating: 4/5

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50 Responses to “Dell XPS 15z Notebook Review”

  1. Comment by mistery242

    I think that no matter what I think PC is still better than Mac and more features to it. I would stay a PC forever caused you can do both sides like play games and just do work Mac cant it only do work and that sucks PC would rule forever in history of computers.

  2. Comment by hweehngyeo

    Dell is the best laptop I rate

  3. Comment by tichuot360

    this dumbass needs to learn to spell and learn to read since he can’t do neither.

  4. Comment by zman8ful

    No shit

  5. Comment by drivinman687

    they aren’t even claiming that, they are claiming it is the thinnest PC notebook

  6. Comment by Markus Valkner

    can it run games well

  7. Comment by Hunter Jarratt

    u my freind are retarded

  8. Comment by LFVOmega

    oh yeah great computer yo… oh wait I had to get my serviced 3 times now, once for the battery, second for the bottom chasis dell messed up, and third because my HDD failed

  9. Comment by philapril

    they said thinnest PC not mac

  10. Comment by BlaCkDranZeR21

    hey,does it get too much heated during use and does it make loud sound while playin game/?? plzzz rply!!

  11. Comment by Mlangeh

    is the chrome bezel around the laptop a problem? a lot of reviews have said that the build is not good, it feels cheap and it starts to come off..
    any input would be great help, thanks

  12. Comment by artvideochannel

    The noise this thing makes will make you want to kill yourself to make it stop. It is pure torture not a laptop. Overheating–you will blow through at least 10 motherboards the first year which Dell had no qualms about replacing if you bought the “total care against total rip off” contract. Other than that you are screwed. It’s a used car and a lemon at that. Avoid like the plague. The display is el supremo crappy and it is slow. Plan to wait for it to do anything involving computing.

  13. Comment by DKassaian1219

    how is the build quality, I’ve heard that it is “crap”

  14. Comment by HotHardwareVids

    - Heat isn’t a problem but noise definitely spins up under heavy load. I don’t think it’s annoying but definitely noticeable.

  15. Comment by Shampew

    What did you think about the noise / heat? Other reviews have said the noise and heat were a problem.

  16. Comment by lovesthecity3

    Okay so I have had it for awhile, and it is really nice! It boots quickly, doesn’t have the freeware everyone talks about, and has a nice feel. It is heavy, but it isn’t to bad in terms of bulkiness.

  17. Comment by upiluften

    You’re right, it doesn’t come close. Because, other than the OS it runs, it blows MB Air out of the fuckin’ water.

  18. Comment by Muamarz

    i’m not gonna deny it. it does look like a macbook pro replica. especially the paralleling grill speakers and the battery indicator.

  19. Comment by jh1989lee

    Hi! I’m planning to buy a better graphics card for the Dell XPS 15z. However I’m not sure whether there are any other graphic cards that fit inside the Dell XPS 15z. So basically is there any other graphic card that is better than the NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M 2GB that will fit indside the Dell XPS 15z???

  20. Comment by Suzy Keyes

    I have an iMac and I would love to own this laptop. I like the best of both worlds.

  21. Comment by Joe Burnford

    He never said the thinnest 15″ notebook or laptop, he said pc therefore limiting it to the windows camp

  22. Comment by Joe Burnford

    ‘Thinnest 15″ pc available’ it’s a good thing it wasn’t laptop as there is the mb pro and razer is about to release a 17″ that’s both thinner and far more powerful

  23. Comment by gmodertom

    No Headphone or Microphone Jack!? Thats a requirement for me :(

  24. Comment by Luda12Plyr

    no one can match Apple. :p

  25. Comment by lovesthecity3

    Well it got lost in transport by Fedex, but one thing is the XPS 15 has a full size keyboard, and the XPS 15z does not.

  26. Comment by SuporeMaster

    Try updating your video card.

  27. Comment by BreezeyEdits

    It does it all of the time though

  28. Comment by SuporeMaster

    That’s a crash.

  29. Comment by BreezeyEdits

    I use an HP. I play GTA all of the time, and whenever I do. My screen goes black, and to get it back up, I have to either close it, or hold the power button to shut it off. Is that overheating? It does it ALOT too.

  30. Comment by triggerdance

    Same, i have an acer laptop core i3, does just the same.
    used to be on 70-90C all the time
    but i put it on “Power Save” battery mode, and its alot cooler now. try it

  31. Comment by fruitsforlife1

    I just put a bag of frozen shrimp under my laptop and it worked like magic!

  32. Comment by OfficialDylaso

    my laptops cpu is way to hot its normaly at 41-46C on all cores intel i7 and when i play games its around 80-89 dafuq its insane

  33. Comment by Henry Adda Chaisritha

    Hey can i just put my laptop in the freezer?

  34. Comment by Aziz Khalaf

    Thank you. Robert De Niro. :)

  35. Comment by hungrybanana9

    ^_^ isn’t it annoying? haha

  36. Comment by hungrybanana9

    Thanks I cleaned and now it doesn’t anymore! :D

  37. Comment by Marcus Hoffmann

    Oops :D 

  38. Comment by Bodour AlWuhaib

    and i agree with you Marcus…

  39. Comment by Bodour AlWuhaib

    me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    but im using an ancient dell laptop because my mac is broken

  40. Comment by Bodour AlWuhaib

    but my bum will freeze off!!!! and ill have blue lips!!……on second thought blue lips might be cool! and ill wear 3 sets of pants :D

  41. Comment by Marcus Hoffmann

    Maby too much dust inside?

  42. Comment by hungrybanana9

    My computer overheats and shuts down all the time! And I do have that fan underneath it!

  43. Comment by vasilaras21

    i put beer

  44. Comment by totetoBT

    I put laptops on my ice.

  45. Comment by PontujBrink

    my laptop overheated four times today. I was freaking out thinking it was a hardware malfunction, I just lowered the max “speed” of the processor and now it’s working fine. Getting the same FPS in games anyway :)

  46. Comment by jed willier

    what happens if my sister went and put milk all over it?

  47. Comment by Romeo shotinstar

    What if i sit in a Air Conditioned room ?

  48. Comment by katnico1

    go to youre local electronic shop and tell them to clean the dust from your computer.
    i did it and now my comp never overheats.

  49. Comment by darkavenger9986

    Are there any other ways to stop overheating in a laptop?

  50. Comment by player1vladimir

    weird, either its too weak or it has some wierd loops

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