Football Manager 2013 | Ajax-Champions of Europe | Part 37

February 5th, 2013 by admin software

Part 37 of my Ajax series, the Live Comm vs Man Utd Subscribe!- My Channel: Twitter- Backup Livestream Link(Twitch)- Previous Episode: Full Playlist: My Skin:

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4 Responses to “Football Manager 2013 | Ajax-Champions of Europe | Part 37”

  1. Comment by IIBO5WELLII

    Yeah, we nearly got there this time. Hopefully next season!

  2. Comment by chris barber

    unlucky..but gettin closer.i am sure u will get to the final

  3. Comment by IIBO5WELLII

    Hmm, that could have worked. When the other team only play one striker I’ve considered dropping Alderweireld or another centre back into a sweeper role. This would hopefully mean Okore can track the striker while Aldereweireld/other CB stays central and means there won’t be a huge gap left by Okore tracking the striker. It seems kinda gimmicky so that’s why I haven’t tried it yet

  4. Comment by LordMidichlorian

    Another try I would consider interesting, regarding the space opened for Welbeck by Okore tracking van Persie, since you were playing against a 4-5-1 would be to swap sides between Okore and Alderweid

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