Family Hope Center Presentation

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Family Hope Center Presentation
Event on 2013-02-09 10:00:00
This is a four hour presentation by the founders of the Family Hope Center Matthew and Carol Newell. There will be over an hour set aside for questions.

Family Hope Centre are based in Pennsylvania, USA The FHC is dedicated to helping the families of children with developmental delays and special needs. The treatment methods practised can be effective regardless of the cause of the condition, or the severity of the injury or impairment.

Based on the understanding of how the brain grows and develops, the FHC team can pinpoint the location of the injury in the brain and devise an individualised treatment plan. They then instruct and support the family in a step by step, comprehensive home treatment programme to help the child achieve an optimal level of function and quality of life.

The results of the FHC work are measured by an independent tool called the WeeFIM(Functional Independent Measurement). This is the largest paediatric tool used in the world to measure the results of rehabilitation(for more information on the WeeFIM and FHC results ) The FHC have an average of over 200% improvement over the national American average.

The FHC has a team of 12 staff, most based on site, some as satellite staff. The team is headed by husband and wife Matthew and Carol Newell. Both Matthew and Carol are Certified at the Developmentalist and Teaching levels in Child Brain Development, with each also having over 25 years experience in this field. The team also includes Medical Doctors/Paediatricians, an Orthopaedic Consultant, Nutritionists and Educators.

If you are a parent, teacher, healthcare worker, educational psychologist, Doctor or Nurse we believe that it is imperative that you take this opportunity to hear at first hand Matthew and Carol talk about their work.

Have a listen to seven year old Cathal's interview about his Family Hope program. He's the first child in Ireland with the Family Hope Center and its also his radio debut. Well done Cathal.

at Citywest Hotel
Dublin, Ireland

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