Laser Fusion, Gaming Revolution, and 5 Awesome Irish Scientists

February 14th, 2013 by admin software

Laser Fusion, Gaming Revolution and the 5 Awesome Irish Scientists

Hank says laser fusion, the order of the gorilla genome, some of the evidence of life elsewhere in the universe, gaming revolution, and its five Irish researchers. SciShow Follow us on Twitter: Like SciShow on Facebook: The references in this section can be found in the Google document here: Credits Producer Hank Green Editor: Blake Pastino Photo by Nick Jenkins Video Editor: Matt Ferguson Graphics: Amber Bushnell & Peter Winkler Written by Blake Pastino & Jesslyn Shields fusion laser, the National Ignition Facility, hydrogen, fusion, energy, genomics, gorilla, chimpanzee, monkey, sequence, meteorite, Antarctica amino acid, element, space, origin of life, the game orchestration director Nicholas Graham, Queens University, Kingston, Canada, the programmer, computer science, Liberi live, st. Patrick’s Day, Ireland, Irish, scientific, Eleanor macguire, MRI, brain, memory, Lord Kelvin, Dublin, Belfast, Thermodynamics, John Tyndall, Tyndall effect, Robert Boyle, pressure, gas, Boyle’s Law, chemical, Ernest Walton, particle accelerator
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25 Responses to “Laser Fusion, Gaming Revolution, and 5 Awesome Irish Scientists”

  1. Comment by cashlessbread

    paranormal accounts are evidence demons exist..every case has an interdimensional approach,using deception as an affective constraint..demons mimic the deceased promoting séances -talking to the dead,they also mimic alien-grays,ufo’s and bigfoot worldwide promoting secularism..they’ll use any shapeshifting deception steering men away from the analyze demonic accounts check the playlist on my channel

  2. Comment by FirstPersonWinner

    What about LittleBigPlanet?

  3. Comment by woodenworkings

    well yeah but my question was meant literally, what is actually happening to cause these sensations, which are not all together unpleasant, and if I’m “allergic to that shit” as you so eloquently put it, why don’t I have other reactions more commonly associated with allergic reaction, such as anaphylactic shock, or swelling.

  4. Comment by PlanetGolgomak

    Dude, youre allergic to that shit ;P

  5. Comment by woodenworkings

    Why does eating peanut butter make the back of my neck feel hot and sweaty even though it is neither hot nor sweaty.

  6. Comment by rose lalonde


  7. Comment by gunman698

    Thumbs up for orchestrated Angry Birds.

  8. Comment by blaegme

    Minecraft it is.

  9. Comment by jonnyman5656

    I have made one of those meta game things on Blockland with zombies in it before this video but I took a break

  10. Comment by theslothmonkey

    1:00 All I hear is “BUTT… BIG BUTT” and Sir Mix-a-lot proceeds to play in my head.

  11. Comment by Ben Melon

    “Eleanor Macguire” in the description is misspelled. Should be “Maguire”.

  12. Comment by UltracutekittenxYT

    “It’s not exactly COD or whatever”


  13. Comment by Kiel Pinson

    DnD anyone?

  14. Comment by donotstareatmyname

    There is a game called Everybody Edits . In that game , every player moves around an empty game world while building it . It is played online , allowing thousands of players to create and play the game at the same time .


  15. Comment by CoffeeWithAGeek


  16. Comment by David Atanasovski

    Yes Now I Can Game More Betterely

  17. Comment by Maya Sengha

    Minecraft anyone?

  18. Comment by Shadow57887

    dungeonland go!

  19. Comment by Carbosful

    I dont understand when your making this a new thing when it is not… its simple as fuck..

    In super Mario brothers its the same thing, its just limited to a certain extent. You can build terrains and paths for your friends to get across.

    The idea is silly and its only useful for a certain mini game. Thats about it.

  20. Comment by Kimo Liodon

    New super mario bros. is co-operative, the one with the pad is only helping the other players across set path, not creating all new content in real-time. I’m not sure about wc3.

  21. Comment by Joseph Gauthier

    go to wikipedia and type “The Game (mind game)” in the search bar

  22. Comment by Carbosful

    the mario brothers for wii U has that… wc3 custom games has that .. This is not new and its not creative at all… its more like messing around.. this isn’t anything new or different.

  23. Comment by nanunanu365

    what game?

  24. Comment by Davidklaman

    Never seen you read from a script before…damn after 5:30 you really lost the contact :(

  25. Comment by Lesouder2222Music

    so, minecraft?

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