Cfengine 3: Automating System Administration (1-day training) – Oslo Norway

February 15th, 2013 by admin software

cfengine 3: Automating System Administration (1-day training) – Oslo Norway
event 03.07.2013 9:00:00

designed for system administrators and architects, this class is a thorough overview of how to use cfengine 3 large IT infrastructure automation and management offers

combining theory, practical examples, and hands-tutorial, we experienced coach shows how cfengine 3 can be used for a wide range of common sysadmin tasks

most days of the session topics are tailored to the interests of participants. Among the topics are:?

  • What is the difference cfengine
  • Version 3
  • theory cfengine
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • cfengine language
  • How do I “think” cfengine
  • Client Server Applications and Operating
  • Package Management
  • contents of the file
  • reporting and monitoring
  • Tripwires
  • edit other topics proposed by Representatives
  • due to the limited period of time, not all of these topics will be covered in this class. After registration, participants will receive a pre-class to measure their own interests and skill levels Experience : This course is designed to cfengine for beginners and novices

    teacher Geir Nygård: “Geir is a diverse engineering background in physics. He works cfengine Knowledge Engineer, where he was responsible for the technical documentation, internal training, external training (Europe) and production management. He is a strong advocate of the power and utility of cfengine, especially with respect to the state. he is very interested in the subjects of Computer Science, virtualization, configuration, and system automation “Chance course requirements Partly All students will be required to bring the following: Partly laptop is installed at least one Linux VM instance (2 cases preferable) Home – Linux VM instances running CentOS 5
    Do not Install CFEgine institution (s), we will make the class Group discounts are available – click on the “ Contact the Host “button to inquire about . Keep me up to date on upcoming training cfengine »

    cfengine Offices, Oslo, Norway
    1 Borggata
    Oslo, Norway

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