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interview narrow / Mohammed Gert contact him: Facebook: Twitter: Website: About CATreloaded CAT Computer Assistance Team Reloaded, originally founded in 1996, Hesham El and are SAWI, a group of students from the Faculty of engineering, Mansoura University reload. “Cat” is a team that goes to non-profit foundation focused on computer science, and in particular open-source technology. CAT Goals: * Build a strong community of engineers that increases the level of Computer Science and Engineering, and all the associated countries of the world to compete, and management personnel. * Helps Egypt’s efforts to raise himself in the world of information technology manufacturers. CAT going to serve the community and serve the community to achieve our goals, sharing the basic and advanced training. It does this by: * Open source projects are an echo of the world. * Courses. * Technical matches. * Helps to employment. * Relations with the countries of the regional and global fund. * Various meetings of the Arab and global levels. On the humanitarian side, CAT work using technology to assist in repairing and fixing some of the problems in Egypt, either in the short or long term.
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