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Get the definition of paradox is as part of the “Word of the Day” series, plus tutorials prefixes, suffixes and word roots. The definition of a paradox: a statement that seems contradictory, and yet can not be true, opinion or statement contrary to accepted. The word paradox is Latin paradoxum based on the word doxa, Greek dogma, which means the statement. One of the meanings of par was “contrary to, so the paradox of the word literally means contrary to the opinion of some synomyms paradox is:. Enigma, absurdity, anomaly, mystery, contradiction Opposites are: … normality, conformity, regularity Sense Examples 1 He is a little paradox really his air indifference which hides a very sensitive and caring nature of the 2 .. It is a strange paradox that the age of the amazing scientific and medical developments, so many people are dying of treatable diseases. 3 His degree in computer science, you’d think he could figure out how to use the washing machine – but therein lies the paradox of 4 This is a paradox: ..-art equipment is designed to make our lives easier in the end to make a more complex 5 with a smile, he said, a paradox: “When you are away, and when you get out you!” Remember the definition of a paradox: a statement that seems contradictory, and yet who can not have an opinion or statement contrary to on 6 recognize the paradox that a false nose more face
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theory of computability by Prof.Kamala Krithivasan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering IIT Madras. For more information NPTEL visit

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    It’s very useful for those who are from IIT’s as well !! :-p

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    Mr. Sibbal does’nt play any role in this gr8 job :)

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    really it’s too gud for those who r not from IIT’s

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    She is wonderful! I am a big fan of Prof. Kamala. Love from Turkei <3

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    I am very impressed with your teaching. I am proud of indians. I watched other videos on same topic from different countries. none of them were so effective

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    Wow, never thought indian universities could do something like this. Great work. Mr Sibbal you are a rubbish politician but you are a great educationist.

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    .thanks to nptel…and to Prof.Kamala Krithivasan

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    well composed videos .

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