Unveiling the Reality Deck

February 25th, 2013 by admin software

Stony Brook University unveiled its latest engineering feat, a 1.5 billion pixel Reality Deck, at a demonstration held at the University’s Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) on November 15, 2012. The Reality Deck, a 416 screen super-high resolution virtual reality four-walled surround-view theater, is the largest resolution immersive display ever built driven by a graphic supercomputer. Its purpose and primary design principle is to enable scientists, engineers and physicians to tackle modern-age problems that require the visualization of vast amounts of data.

www.euronews.com Officials in Brussels admit it is a problem they must tackle: how to close the big distance between the European Union and its citizens. In these tough economic times they know that it is crucial to better engage on key issues, if people are to feel more European and to fully use their rights as EU citizens. Opinion polls show a majority of people do not know their rights as EU citizens, and confidence in the institutions of the bloc has dropped sharply over the past five years. In a country like Ireland, for example, where there is fierce debate on Europe, Brussels has a tough battle to win the public’s hearts and minds. One of those attempting to understand more about what is at stake is computer science graduate Declan Meenagh. This visually-impaired 23-year-old is currently unemployed. “Europe was built on solidarity and I think it’s really important that solidarity continues,” he told Euronews. “We can’t have a union where so many people are unemployed and suffering. I think we also need to look at how we can expand human rights throughout Europe. And also, as more and more things go online, as more digital stuff happens, we really need to focus on how the EU can vindicate European citizens’ rights online.” Declan decided to attend a recent public meeting hosted by the commission, which wants to take the debate about Europe closer to the public. The so-called Citizens’ Dialogues will take place across the bloc this year, with a European Year of
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27 Responses to “Unveiling the Reality Deck”

  1. Comment by kfordjake75

    I bet they use it to play XBOX.

  2. Comment by Fitz Townsend

    “Big Data”…great. Another SEO campaign? Just replace the whole school with a TED presentation, already. What this project illuminates most clearly is Stony Brook’s propensity towards bureaucratic waste and largesse. The arts building didn’t have wireless/ethernet in most of its classrooms up until very recently. But never fear, there is a really big computer screen in the science building.

  3. Comment by Marc Miller

    It’s Disneyland’s Circarama 3.0 (est. 1955). …but as Circarama and CircleVision are long gone, maybe these guys can make it more successful. Still skeptical.

  4. Comment by fireuser3d

    This was driven by 70 AMD Firepro V9800 cards (4 per node each driving six monitors) in an 18-node computing cluster. Each of the nodes and cards within the nodes is synced with an AMD FirePro S400 card

  5. Comment by Cliften Bowers

    Yea I find this hugely unnecessary

  6. Comment by sancheuz

    wow, major FAIL! What a waste of time. 

  7. Comment by sirmiyu

    why not just 3 projectors? What’s the purpose of a high definition display if you have took it through a dense black grid?

  8. Comment by Aron Cryptor

    AMD Firepro V9800 GPUs

  9. Comment by AntiTalentHu

    Hm, change them to touchscreen capable monitors and unleash your imagination…

  10. Comment by JonzeyGears

    One word: Star Trek

  11. Comment by Eric McDonald

    This is the stupid thing I have ever seen! Why not connect the monitors completely? Even if it cost more, make it smaller. I hope they aren’t as proud of this as they say they are.

  12. Comment by dread313

    This is Fail, they need to sew that red ribbon back together and get back to work.

  13. Comment by 10001000101

    Because that would drop the PPI by a large amount and most likely cost alot more(currently).

  14. Comment by 10001000101

    This isn’t meant for an individual user and to get the same usefulness out of a headmounted display(i don’t think is possible, except for individual users) would require much more time and effort.

    This is also much less intimidating for most people.

  15. Comment by stokjisify

    why not put 80 inch 4K TV sets instead?????? the bezzels looks so bad!

  16. Comment by powerarmour

    All I can see is a massive wall of bezels…

  17. Comment by Joshua Nipa

    my guess is this would find its home at work areas for collaborative work, like conferences, NOC’s (Network Operation Centers) and the likes, it would pretty silly for 10 persons in a room to wear mounted displays

  18. Comment by Gabriel Emara

    So it’s a big screen… with lines, lots of lines.

    This is stupid and old!

  19. Comment by Per-Olov Jernberg

    Finally a display worthy of the ’94 game Decent…

  20. Comment by Java Lu

    i see

  21. Comment by ridhuan naim

    Such a waste, human eyes only have a very narrow field of view. Why not just use head mounted display plus position tracking which should render same experience.. no, a much better experience.

  22. Comment by N4CR5

    The reason they don’t use projectors is that they require maintenance to change bulbs often and a very hot, inefficient room behind them to house them all, they also cannot achieve the pixel density capable with the displays they used which are likely at minimum 1920×1080 IPS panels, 1440 would not surprise me.

  23. Comment by notinthematrix

    Department stores have been doing this for years. Just go to the Electronics section and look at the wall of TVs.

  24. Comment by Jacob Kuilan

    caught them! xbox controller at 0:45 – someone is using the holodeck to play xbox or pc games. now we know what the university really spent this for. imagine playing starcraft 2 on this bad boy.

  25. Comment by toutagamon

    Can it run Crysis?

  26. Comment by politicalchanel

    If ignorance is the heart of so much euroskepticism (actually it’s not even skepticism in places like the UK at this point… it’s more like fanatical anti-EU-ism) and it probably is, than connecting with citizens more should second priority of the EU, right after solving the Euro crisis; it is paramount that people are educated so they don’t squander something good; how can so many people not recognize Barroso, Rompuy and the the others?

  27. Comment by UltimateOwnz

    While EU is dieing UK and Ireland will get their freedom!

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