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Guide Information & Day 1
1:30:00 p.m. Event 4/30/2013
half day course (afternoon) Why Attend Seminar

Day 1 is more than clear, structured communication. As well as the opportunity to start understanding of people and issues driving the recently acquired business, acquisitions and ensure the security of the site, confirm any immediate change in leadership in the business momentum is maintained, minimize disruption, and early integration and improvement of

use of a structured process and practical examples, this session will take you through the essential steps needed to ensure that the first few days to speed up the process of integration to the disadvantage of What you will learn.

  • important steps in taking control of a newly acquired business
  • How to business security and continuity of leadership in the preparation of
  • maintain new tasks and challenges they face
  • send close to handling the details: immediate change of leadership, branding, processes, reporting, IT and
  • Day 1 internal and external communications
  • ready for Day 2 “- to get back to business after the party
  • Who benefits

    Seminar leaders

    Colin Hopkins

    . Colin is an integration specialist with over 10 years of international experience in the IT and telecommunications industries, the former integration leader for British Telecom. working very complex application environments in a number of geographic throughout the world, Colin strong cooperation style, technical skill in the performance of and understanding of the strategy continued to increase after the merger, the company’s performance. Colin, integration success is strongly linked to the ability to share implementation of the strategy of hiding, a skill that he brings to all his work with clients. Colin has an MBA from University College London and a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Essex

    Carlos Keener

    Carlos is a specialist M & A integration. has more than fifteen years of organizational change and project management experience, and supports the integration of different industries and different countries., he recommends that companies and business acquisition strategies, the design of post-contract approaches, to look at the functioning and helping large programs for modernizing and improving the business gives

    last customer is the most targeted sectors and geographic areas, and are large companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Tata-Corus, EMI, Marks & Spencer, Colgate Palmolive and E.ON, and many mid-market and smaller Farmer organizations

    Lynda Lynda Chance specializing in organizational communication, employee involvement and leadership communication strategies. Lynda has 25 + years of experience in restructuring, reorganization and integration of global organizations a wide range of sectors Lynda Chance as well as a consultant and senior house communications by professional and it is very much business experience, which drove him to a practical communication and involvement in the core business tool. Lynda brings in-depth understanding to co-operate in a changing and challenging cultures and the importance of the role of managers and supervisors to make changes faster and more efficiently



    at Etc Venues
    200 Aldersgate
    City of London, United Kingdom

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