Blog Workshop ’13 – Online Bloggers Conference # TBW (Dallas)

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blog Workshop ’13 – Online Bloggers Conference # TBW (Dallas)
event 5/17/2013 6:00:00 p.m.

blog workshop will be held Online? , so that you can log in from any … No need to buy a ticket, pay for a hotel or think of other travel expenses. You can learn about your home, a park, a bathroom, a friend’s bathroom. If you have an Internet connection and a computer / tablet.

Who is this workshop

Workshop blog is an information center bloggers and readers of all ages, levels of experience and niche? Blogosphere is an industry that is constantly changing, there is always new information to learn and share. We would like to be a major catalyst to bring the blogging / Variety community together

objectives blog

Mission Workshop bloggers and readers to provide information that will help them in their blogging / Variety companies have. to the next level. We want to bridge the gap between bloggers, brands, PR professionals, and more. With the right kind of information, not even the sky limit.Learning Objectives

  • Blogging With Bloggerpreneur way of thinking. How to build a profitable empire
  • How to join and build effective relationships with brands, advertisers and more.
  • provides a good starting point and a tool to promote business blogging
  • DAY 1

    Session 1: Blogging: Back To Basics Session 2: Blogger Bloggerpreneur

    DAY 2 Session 1: Be prepared to advertisers and Pitching Brands / Advertisers / Sponsors

    Chance Session 2: can handle media requests and build relationships with Media

    Day 3 Session 1: Advertising Affiliate

    Session 2: Other ways to make efforts to make money blogging Chance

    Ryan Schram Chief Marketing Officer, IZEA


    , Holly Hamann founder, BlogFrog

    Co-founder of BlogFrog, a leading influencer marketing platform for brands. He began his career in start-ups to use on the Internet, multimedia, entertainment, video, and other high-tech industries. He is a public speaker, author, promote technology and marketing in various publications, the American Marketing Association “Marketer Year” recipient, and a guest blogger for the Huffington Post. She has a degree in mathematics and computer science, is an active triathlete and blogs, technology, entrepreneurship and triathlons at


    Dee Dee Cocheta Public Relations & Branding, ABC Publicity

    Dee Dee is a trail blazer in the field of the world public relations. He was a great catalyst for design and marketing brands musicians, entrepreneurs and bloggers

    Chance Blog Advertising & Social Media


    Lindsay Lee is Business & Branding, Blog Trends

    Lindsay is the co-founder of the Trends blog, a wonderful resource for bloggers of all backgrounds and skills. Their weekly Twitter chat, focused on the hashtag # Trends Blog offers a lively and friendly environment for bloggers to learn and network.

    Social Media Blogger & Freelance, href = “” rel = “nofollow”> Social Web Tools

    Together with his management of your blog, he also regularly involved in four other blogs related to technology, internet marketing, social media, web apps and blogging .


    Jeana Shandraw Media & Blogger Surf and Sunshine

    His skillful, the hearts of food and wine. Jeana is an amazing travel companion. When not Supermom or find new ways to create space, you do not like her cute things to hide Benin underwear box


    Da Vinci Lifestyle Blogger / Vlogger
    Life After 25

    is best known for the construction of Your Life After 25 mark Da Vinci also hear bloggers branding, blogging and marketing strategies. He refers to itself as a “modern-day Renaissance woman.”

    payment plan details here

    For more information, please visit at Dallas, Texas, United States
    Dallas, TX 75201
    Dallas, United States

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