Vizio QWERTY keyboard dual remote country — for Vizio M470VSE – M650VSE M550VSE E500 E420-A1-A1-A3 E601 E601 E420-A3-A1-A1 E500 E601 E470-A3-A0 online TV

March 27th, 2013 by admin software

New Vizio Qwerty keyboard dual remote country — for Vizio M470VSE – M650VSE – E500 M550VSE E420-A1-A1-A3 E601 E601 E420-A3-A1 E500-A1-A3 E601 E470 Internet TV A0

Vizio Internet App TV remote with a QWERTY keyboard and a remote control. Knowing some TV models support: E472VL / E472VLE/E552VLE E460ME M420SR M420SV M470SV M550SV E3D320VX E3D420VX E3D470VX E3DB420VX M320SR M3D421SR M3D550SR M3D460SR M3D420SR XVT3D474SV XVT3D650SV E3D420VX M420SV M470SV M550SV M420SL M470SL M550SL; M420SV M470SV M550SV M370SR M420SR M420KD E551VA M470VSE – M650VSE – M550VSE-E420 A1-A1 E500 E601 E601-A3-A3-A1 E420 E500 E601-A1-A3-A0 E470 M420SV M470SV M550SV M420SL

List Price: $ 13.07
Price: wpramaprice ASIN = “B00BHE0QFM”]

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